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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Donald asks…

At what age does a baby sleep through the night?

Around what age should a baby, or did your baby, go to sleep at night and sleep like six or eight hours? Right now my son goes to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 and wakes around 2:00, then I get him back in his bed around three after nursing and getting him to fall asleep again, and he wakes again around 5:30. Back in bed by about 6:30 and wakes around 9:30. He is four weeks old. Is this normal? At this age should I be putting him back in his bed after nursing while he is still awake so he falls asleep on his own?

Admin answers:

My baby began sleeping 6-8 hours at around 7 months.

But all babies are different. Some begin sleeping through earlier, and some not until much later.

4 weeks is FAR too early to be expecting a baby to sleep a long stretch, or put himself to sleep. Your baby’s pattern (eating every 2-4 hours) is 100% normal. As he gets bigger he will begin to go longer, but it would be unreasonable to expect him to sleep 6-8 hours for quite a few months yet.

Thomas asks…

Parents, did/does your baby sleep in a crib?

I don’t think i could ever put my baby in a crib. Within my family and my husband’s family 4 babies have died from SIDS in cribs. My baby sleeps in the bed with my husband and me. She is 100% safe and if she needs me i’m right next to her….but when people come to my house they’re like where is her crib…i was just wondering who else puts their baby in a crib

Admin answers:

My baby has slept in her crib since she was 3 months old. Before then I had her in a bassinet next to my bed. She does not sleep that well, so I have tried co-sleeping at times and she just gets so excited to have mommy and daddy next to her that she does not sleep in our bed, just crawls back and forth between us.

Since you have such a family history of SIDS, I do not blame you. I would also keep her in bed with me. Once she passes the age for SIDS, you may want to consider a crib, or just put her direcly into a bed. I say, whatever works for you is what you should do.

Susan asks…

how to help my baby sleep better?

hi my baby slept though the night fom 4 weeks old. then teething started and sometimes she wakes
every couple of hours. ive just gone with her up till now but im back to work in 2 weeks and would love to know if anyone has any tips to help her sleep a little better. shes now 5 months so still small baby. weve just started weaning and she has pureed food but this doesnt help and i dont really want to try and get lots of food in her before bed. she has a nice little bath,storey bed routine id just like to help stop her waking up.

Admin answers:

As any parent will be aware, good quality baby sleep is an essential basis for a child’s future health and development. The pleasure in seeing a baby sleep is hardly measurable but having to see (and hear) your baby when they just won’t or can’t go to sleep can be torture for a parent.

To help in solving a baby sleep problem and to teach your baby to sleep through the night, getting your baby into a regular, fuss-free, sleep routine is so important.

If you haven’t already, you should seriously consider establishing some sort of bedtime routine for your baby. Routine helps to establish baby’s sleep pattern and once it is established your baby will be happier, more content, and more likely to sleep through the night.

Here are several things you can do to establish a bedtime routine for your baby:

Most of us have some kind of winding down routine before we go to sleep and this should be no different for your baby. Perhaps the sleep routine could begin with a bath, followed by a slow dimming of the lights (so they realise it is getting near to sleep time), then a change of nappy or diaper, putting them in the crib or cot and finishing with a bedtime story or lullaby.

You don’t need to follow the above routine to the letter, you may wish to do it in a different order, or have a different routine entirely, but the important thing is that you create a baby sleep routine that you follow night after night after night until it becomes a habit for your child.

Whenever you begin this routine, your baby will know that sleep is expected to follow. Babies and infants are creatures of habit, they enjoy the predictability of a sleep ritual and so a regular routine like this can help settle your baby more quickly and also increase the chances of him or her sleeping through the night.

Providing a routine and the same sleep environment each time is crucial to providing the ideal scenario for restful baby sleep.

You should begin a bedtime routine in the early weeks of your baby’s life if at all possible but if your baby is already older than this, just get a routine established as soon as you can.

If you already have some sort of sleep routine for your child but they still have a baby sleep problem, take a close look at the bedtime routine you have created for your baby to see if can be improved.

You should also create a daily naptime routine too when it is feasible to do so as this helps night time sleep very much.

I was unable to post the entire article because yahoo said it was to long but if you would like to read the rest of it feel free to go to my website

Sandra asks…

how many parents let there baby sleep on there tummy?

i know that babies are to sleep on there backs to reduce the chances of cot death and i always put my 8 month old on his back to sleep but i have a friend who says its the only way her 5 month old will sleep and i am just a bit worried
i know it should be their just a bit tired to worry about grammer lol

Admin answers:

Babies will sleep in whatever position is best for them. As already said times change, and with it the advice given. When my children were babies they all slept on their side with a rolled up blanket positioned at their back and front so they wouldnt roll on to their back – because at that time you were advised not to let them sleep on their backs! Once they were old enough to move themselves two slept on their stomachs and one slept on his back, and it was pointless trying to move them because they just rolled back into the position they obviously preferred.

Charles asks…

Why won’t my baby sleep?

My wife and I can’t figure out why our baby never sleeps. I here from almost all parents that new babies sleep about 18 hours a day. Well here is our babies (3 weeks) schedule:

Sleep 5-6 hours a day
Eat 8-10
Be awake and move around or be fussy the rest of the time. And for some reason our baby always has to be held or he won’t stop moving or he’ll start crying. I know the whole “he feels comfort as he did in the womb” thing but dang. We are just wondering if our baby is abnormal with the no sleep or what?

Admin answers:

Sounds like your baby is colicky. You need to put your baby on a schedule. At 3 weeks if I remember correctly, baby should be eating probably around 4 to 6 ounces at a feeding. Don’t allow him to eat and doze, the nurses when my babies were young had me just tickle their feet a little to keep them alert. They sleep a little better if their tummies are full. Also you may want to ask your doctor if your baby needs to try a different formula sometimes they are sensitive to ingredients in the formula .If you are breastfeeding, you could be eating things that are causing gasor otherwise making him uncomfortable. Also make sure you and your wife take care of yourself. Sleep deprivation and a crying baby can be very stressfull. Take a break once in a while and ask someone you trust to help with the baby.

Lisa asks…

any one else used asda/george baby sleep bag/and other brand?

i bring yestrday george baby sleep bag,2.5 tog for 10 pound,any body else used it?and is it good quility or warm ,its has very big hole for arms,baby can get cold through it?and what we should use for arms?her hand was cold last night, what about mothercare’s baby sleep bag,they also have small arm hole,or any other brand that u found best?and what about mother care walk in sleeper(2.5 tog) with arm,any body used that?
she is 3m and 18days 6 kg, i bring 0-6 size

Admin answers:

I love baby sleeping bags, and the ones in Asda are just as good as the expensive Grobag- they are the same tog warmth and made of the same material. Just less than half the price! I find that my baby needs a lot more clothing than they advise though, but you’ll find the level right for your baby. In this weather my son wears:
long sleeve bodysuit
fleece sleepsuit
2.5 tog sleeping bag (usually Asda, we have a Primark one too).

Feel your baby’s tummy, or back of their neck- not hands or face- to see how warm they are, and adjust the baby’s clothing accordingly. Babies’ hands do get cold- this is normal but if you’re concerned pop a pair of cotton mittens on her. Don’t use additional blankets.

The grobags for 0-6m should have poppers under the arms to avoid them slipping out. Also make sure your baby’s head cannot slip under- if it can your baby is too small for the sleeping bag.

Sharon asks…

Where to put my baby to sleep?

Im in vacation at my patents house and I have a 2 month old baby. He’s been sleeping eithe in his car seat or next to me I’m not sure it’s safe for hom to sleep on either and Im not spending I’ve 100$ on a crib. What do you think I should do? Should a playbin work or what?

Admin answers:

Car seats are not a good place to let a baby sleep. Since they are in a curved/sitting up position they are not flat and it lowers their oxygen levels. This puts them at risk for SIDS. Also there’s the danger of entrapment or entanglement of the straps, and also there’s the danger of the seat tipping over and something being over the baby’s mouth. It’s just not a good sleep surface and should only be where they ride in the car.

Sleeping next to you CAN be safe, if the mattress is firm and there’s no blankets/pillows around. Also so long as you’re not drunk or hopped up on pills or something cosleeping can be safe.

Another option would be to have your mattress on the floor and make a separate bed right next to it. A playpen can be alright for a short-term period and you may be able to find one on craigslist for $30 or so. You could try second-hand stores, or you could even ask around your parents’ friends and see if someone has a crib you can borrow. You could even buy something like a travel crib and then return it when you’re leaving (not exactly honest, but… Better than using the car seat.)

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Posted by Admin - April 10, 2014 at 4:05 pm

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Steven asks…

What time does your baby go to bed?

My daughter is 5 months old, or 11 weeks old corrected and she usually goes to bed around 10 to 11. Is that really late? She does really well and sleeps through the night, at least until 7 or 8.

How old was your baby before they had a bedtime?

Admin answers:

Every baby IS different…however they all need a certain amount of sleep per day. How is she sleeping during the day? Ideally she should be getting about 15 hours (per day) of sleep at 5 months old.
We followed our son’s natural rhythms when we brought him home…he seems to follow the sun. (Now 9 months) He is in bed around 7:00 now and 8:00 in the summer…wakes between 7-8 in the morning.
10-11 seems really late to me, however you need to do what works best for your family…as long as she is getting enough sleep I guess it cannot physically hurt her.
I feel STRONGLY though that you should set a routine and loose schedule early. This will make baby feel comfortable and sets you up for good habits later on…when bad habits are more difficult to break. It is never too late to start a good bedtime routine.
Good Luck with your little sweetie.

Ken asks…

where to find hawaiian inspired baby bedding?

i am wanting to do my babys nursery with a hawaiian flare. i am thinking pinks but surf boards for shelves, lays on the walls stuff like that. but where do i find this kinda of stuff that isn’t going to break the bank? i am looking for bedding and accesories, grass skirts all of it.

Admin answers:

Hawaiian inspired baby bedding right here

Carol asks…

Where to find solid baby bedding?

Hey guys
I’m having a hard time finding solid colour baby bedding
these are the colours i need
and Yellow
basically like that

actually… exactly like that

if anyone knows where i can get this [sites] lemme know :)

hollyy :)

*its not that i dont want designed bedding, theres just alot of babies and we’re colour coordinating them if that makes sense*

Admin answers:


Here are a couple sites I found.


I hope that all this helps!!!

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Maria asks…

How do I keep my newborn up during the day to sleep at night?

I just had a baby and his two weeks. Is it essential to keep him up during the day so that he can sleep at night? Is that the right thing to do?

Admin answers:

IMO, I think that is kind of mean. Staying awake when you are sleepy is not comfortable, sometimes it even hurts. I had a friend that did this, and I just couldn’t stand to watch and hear their baby cry when they put that cold washcloth on him.
I’m no expert, I have an 11 day old so I’m learning too! I read in “Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child” that baby’s brain doesn’t produce melatonin until later and honestly I don’t remember if it is 4 months or 6 weeks. (I really think it said 4 months). My LC was also telling me that baby mimics whatever was in the womb until 6 weeks, and that is usually sleep during day, active at night. She was also telling me to be sure to wake her to feed her at the 3.5 hour mark day or night because baby’s blood sugar begins to drop at 4 hours without nursing. It may be different with formula, I don’t know.

Ken asks…

when is the best time to get newborn babies into a routine?

Im really scared that my baby won’t sleep during the night? when is the best time to get him into a routine?

Admin answers:

Mine started sleeping throught he night at around 12 weeks, and that was considered early. Just relax and go at your baby’s pace until you begin to see patterns emerging and work around them. Eventually the night feeds will then begin to decrease slowly. It seems to take forever but just enjoy this time when he/she is so young, they grow up so fast, it’s scary!

Ruth asks…

When did your baby start sleeping through the night or at least for more than 3 hrs at a time?

Just wondering when your newborn started sleeping for at least 4 or 5 hours at a time at night. Also, what method did you use to get them to sleep through the night? This is my second but I can’t remember everything from my first.

Admin answers:

We got extremely lucky with my youngest- she’s 7 months and has been sleeping through the night since about 5 months. She was sleeping longer periods of time(several hours) by 3 months or so.

Sandra asks…

Is a 5 day old newborn capable of sleeping through the night?

Is it healthy for a newborn to be sleeping that long without a fed all night. I know the definition of sleeping through the night is 5 hours or longer. But could a newborn sleep around 8 hours?
My newborn did not sleep more 2 hours at a time and always ate every 3 hours. Someone has claimed that their newborn slept through the night at 5 days old. I don’t believe it though.

Admin answers:

Not healthy.
Long sleeps are associated with increased risk of SIDS — and babies simply need to eat often around the clock to get enough calories to grow and thrive.

Susan asks…

What do I need to get ready for a newborn baby this winter?

What are the most important items that an expectant new mother would need to get in order to prepair for a newborn baby boy or girl, and when should I start buying these items?

Admin answers:

I have 3 lil ones age 10 years, 5 years and 9 months. These were my top items …

1. Boppy (amazing for breast or bottle feeding)

2. Swaddler blankets…they make cotton ones or fleece ones depending on the time of year. I’ve used both and they are GREAT. Make baby feel all wrapped up and comfortable

3. Lots of soft onsies or pajamas. Newborns tend to be even smaller then you think they will be. I would suggest getting at least 1 or 2 preemie size. All my babies were normal average size ..and they still needed preemie size for the first week or 2.

4. Depending on where you are going to have baby sleeping you will need something. My favorite was a bassinet. I could keep it close to my bed for all those late night feedings. Plus i felt better having them near me where i could hear them breathe. Plus most bassinets are moveable so you can move it to a different room if you want to watch them as they nap.

5. DIAPERS DIAPERS DIAPERS. Whether you choose disposable or cloth you should have LOTS of them. If you are going for disposable i would say get 2 packs of newborn size with the umbilical cord cutout spot. Then a few big packs of size 1 and lots of BABY WIPES!! Can’t have to many of these …

6. A diaper bag for all your needs …diapers, change of clothes, diaper cream..wipes…bottles if you go that route..a pacifier (if you decide to use one) etc…

7. Blankets…receiving blankets, thicker blankets…muslin swaddler blankets…sheets for crib/bassinet…

8. Cloth diapers for everything…i bought the birdseye cloth diapers and used them as spit up rags..chew on rags…whatever you may need them for they are super absorbant and easy to wash!

9. Some type of lil baby tub w/ sling for newborn babies …washclothes…and some type of new baby wash

10. MUST HAVE INFANT CAR SEAT. You cannot bring baby home from the hospital without a car seat. You can get one that matches and attached to a stroller (travel system) as well if you would like.

The rest is mainly lil clothes you like…the fun stuff just cause you wanna have it =) toys …adorable lil socks…etc…HATS ..would be good for a winter baby…baby towels…bottles if you go that route…

I loved having a swing for my babies…and a rocker bouncy seat thing…a safe place to set baby when you can’t hold them 24/7

its also good to have a “first aid” kit..thermometer…baby nail clippers…nose syringe…they usually come in a kit with hairbrushes and all that.

As far as when to buy these things…you can start as early as you like. I stocked up on a lot throught the pregnancy when i would see things i liked on sale.


Daniel asks…

At what age did your newborn start sleeping for longer periods in the night?

Ive heard that some babies ‘sleep through’ from 6 weeks!! Although this sounds way too early to me. Also, what does ‘sleeping through’ actually mean? Again, Ive heard anything from 5-12 hours!

Admin answers:

Experts call sleeping through the night 5 hours.
So if your 6 month old is only sleeping in a 5 hour stretch and then wakes up for a feed, that is okay.
There is nothing wrong with that.
Some 2 week olds will sleep for 5 hour stretches.
Each baby is different.
I’d say that at about 6 weeks, many babies will sleep for longer stretches.
However, that is not the norm.

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Carol asks…

Best way to transition toddler to real bed?

My son is 14 months old and will be 19 months when his sister is born. We are planning on making a major move in the next two years and don’t want to have to worry about selling a second crib, so we are planning on moving my son to the queen sized mattress we have in the guest room and putting the little one in the crib.

What would be the best way to transition him to the real bed without much fuss and stress? I would love to have him used to the real bed soon so that there is no extra fuss when the new baby comes home.

Admin answers:

Talk to him about it for a week or two before you put him in the big bed. This will get him very excited to sleep in the big bed all night, make the big bed his regular nap place while he gets used to the idea. I would not recommend either of you sleeping with him once he does switch because it can cause an unwanted sleep habit where he feels he NEEDS you to sleep with him. The pool noodle idea is a good one, that is a big bed & lots of room to roll but just in case I would use some system of keeping him contained to the bed. It may be hard to find queen sized kiddie sheets so maybe try a solid colored sheet set with pillow shams with action figures or cartoons on them. Hope this helps, good luck!

Lizzie asks…

How early is too early to put cereal in my babys bottle?

My baby is 2 wks and 2 dyas old. SHe drinks 4 oz every 2 hrs consistently and wants more. She has a very healthy appetite. I was wondering if I could start putting just a little bit of rice cereal in her bottle to fill her up or is it too early? I did it with my other daughter at 6 wks but this baby eats great and never seems to get enough. My husband says it’s too early I just want to know if I should wait or just give her a littl bit.

Admin answers:

That is too early. You do not want the baby to develope allergies or to have the cereal to clog their throat while the swallowing reflux is still developing. Doctors will tell you that this practice is simply not a good idea at all, but real mother will tell you otherwise. I did it around 3 months old, and I only did it in the bottle before bed in the evening to tide her over till morning. It helps, but do not do it too early.

John asks…

What color should I paint my bedroom walls and bedding?

Okay. So I am a 13 year old girl with a bedroom that I had my dad paint when I was in 4th grade (so you can probably guess what color it is). I live in a cottage looking house and my bedroom has a skylight so I want pretty earthy colors but I also have a real flair for art and I need a creative looking and feeling place for me to paint and write so I don’t want to have a basic colored room. So please creative thoughts!

Admin answers:

Well so if you dont have any Bedding (if youre changing it) you should try Wake up
they have really cool and hip Bedding… Lets say you have to have an idea on bedding so you know what color paint would go with it…The color of youre room really depends on what you have, what you want, and YOURE STYLE!! Dont paint youre room a color that you like. Paint it a color that you LOVE!!! Some earthy colors i would suggest is maybe a not to pale green, Baby blue,Light brown,or Sunshine yellow..If i were you I would probably get a Mirral painted on one of youre walls.

If you have no idea what a mirral is.. Well heres youre answer: Its a drawing of anything (you choose what you want off of a picture, youre favorite drawing,etc.) so it can be anything you want! Then you just have a painter paint what you want on the wall..

Good Luck… Hoped it Helped…!! :)

Robert asks…

baby essentials– what am i forgetting (besides my sanity)?

2.crib mattress
3.crib bedding
4.crib mobile
5.arm’s reach co-sleeper bassinet
6.pack ‘n play
7.indoor swing
8.bouncy/vibrating seat
9.plastic drawers for baby supplies
10.wooden dresser for baby clothes seat/stroller combination
12.12 onsies — can you get side button onsies to not put over the head?
13. baby outfits — need help on this one, what kind are best?
14. 5 bibs (to start out)
15.spit-up rags
17.breast pump
22. baby monitor
23.receiving blankets
24.diaper bag
25.infant Tylenol
27.diaper wipes
28.desitin bathtub shampoo/wash towel

Admin answers:

Baby washcloths
baby laundry detergent
fragrance free dryer sheets
baby safe fabric softener (if you use it)
baby mitts (so they don’t scratch themselves for the first couple weeks because you have to wait a few weeks before trimming their nails)
A separate pot for boiling water/sterilizing that you don’t use for food (EVER)
More nipples (no matter how many nipples you have it will never seem like enough LOL and they wear out as well)
something to put formula in when traveling (ziploc storage containers are great!)
If you are using your own tap water boiled you will need a sterilized water bottle as well to bring extra water with you when traveling,
Instead of a baby bath tub, get the mesh baby bather from Walmart for like 5 bucks and use your big tub, much easier!
Pacifiers -a couple different kinds and get lots as they get lost real easy
change pad (portable so you don’t have to lug baby to change table all the time)
baby powder or cornstarch
baby socks
mesh bag to wash/dry baby socks in so they don’t get lost
Baby sleeping bag/bunting bags
Gripe water
Play mat with music/lights – you’ll need to put baby down from time to time so at least put the baby down on something that will stimulate their brain and keep them occupied.
Baby positioner – great to use to leave baby on the couch for a few minutes as you go to the bathroom/answer the door/ make a bottle etc.. And you’ll need it later when baby starts to roll.
Mesh bug protectors for bassinet/stroller to keep flies from waking up the sleeping baby
rain cover for stroller/car seat
blinds for the rear side window of your car if it isn’t heavily tinted so baby doesn’t get direct sun in his/her face

As for the onesies, most of mine do up in the front so they don’t go over the head. I also have a few that do up across one shoulder so you can put the feet through first and pull them up. You’ll want more than 12 unless you do laundry every couple of days. Some days we would go through 4-6 outfit changes in the beginning, babies are messy eaters until they learn how to suck from a bottle properly and they hate the smell of sour milk/formula on their clothes.

You’ll want sleepers too, use them at night so you don’t have to use a blanket with the baby, depending on how controlled the temperature is where baby is going to sleep get mostly ones that will suit for night but get a couple light ones in case it does get really warm at night and some warm ones for when you have to go out at night and it’s cool.

About a week after you get home you will think of things you wish you had gotten (wipe warmer/bottle sterilizer/mother’s helper/fulltime nanny/housekeeper etc…) and realize that the play pen isn’t needed for a couple months, baby hates hats and none of them fit anyways, the 100 receiving blankets you thought were overkill really are needed but the 70 bibs aren’t needed until they start eating solids, (bottle fed babies once they get the hang of the bottle don’t make much of a mess) etc.. Being a mom is an on the job learning experience. Remember that the baby doesn’t care if it sleeps in a clothes hamper or a thousand dollar crib, doesn’t care if the diaper gets changed on the floor or up on the table, doesn’t care if the stroller is used or brand new, all it cares about is food, warmth, clean bum and being loved and held all the time.

Good luck and congrats!

Linda asks…

When can I make the baby’s bed with real sheets?

My son is 11 months old and it is just starting to get cold where we live. Starting tonight I’m going to have to layer on two sleeping blankets (zip-up kind) on top of a footed sleeper. I just wish I could make his crib bed with sheets and a comforter. When can I do that? Also where could I purchase flat sheets for a crib? Thanks.

Admin answers:

When he moves into a toddler bed, which usually happens somewhere from 18 – 28 months.

Not only would it be extremely hard on you to make a crib each day, its also may not be the safest idea for a baby. Instead, just dress him warmly such as socks on feet in his footed sleeper, a warm blanket to sleep with, and if possibly keep the heat at a higher temperature in the house as well.

Charles asks…

When should I place my baby in a real bed( toddler bed)?

Admin answers:

It’s definitely time to move your child to a bed when s/he starts climbing out of the crib. If your toddler hasn’t started climbing out of the crib yet and you still feel it’s the right time to move your child to a bed, you can always try it. Usually somewhere between 18months-3 yrs old is when a child gets moved.

When you decide to move your child, set the bed up in the same spot the crib was and follow the same bedtime routine. You want things to feel as normal and familiar as you can to help your child sleep comfortably in the new bed. If your tot gets out of bed, put him/her back without saying much or having much of a reaction. Too much of a reaction and it’ll turn into a fun game for your child to get out of bed.

Thomas asks…

Advice for re-furbishing a baby bed/crib….?

I need advice on where to begin…sand it? paint it? stain it? I dont have a clue, first time at this sort of thing…any advice? Please dont tell me to go to Lowes or Home Depot or anything like that…real advice please…maybe from people who have done this sort of thing before

Admin answers:

First of all, if you are going to put a baby in this ‘old’ crib, make sure it meets current safety standards. Some of the older cribs and most wood play pens do not. Reference this website for current specifications:

You should also check the manufacturers website to make sure there hasn’t been a recall on this particular crib. Assemble the crib and give it a good shake checking for any loose connections that would cause it to collapse or be otherwise unsafe. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary hardware before you invest a lot of time and energy in re-finishing only to find you can’t put it together or that it’s unsafe!

Assuming your crib has passed the above tests then you can get started on your project! I usually clean the piece of furniture with a standard household cleaner, depending on how dirty it is I’ll use 409 or simply a mild diswashing soap and a bucket of water. Just wipe it down to remove any loose dirt and grime, no need to soak it unless it’s really filthy.
Remove the plastic protector (teething rail) on the crib sides. Clean/sanitize it and set aside. If the piece is clear then you will have to paint the rail underneath it. If it is yellowed, cracked or missing then you can get a new piece by contacting the manufacturer of the crib or online at:

Once it is dry then use fine to medium sand paper and lightly sand all surfaces that you will paint. Wipe it down with a clean dry cloth or tack cloth to remove sanding dust. You can also use a liquid sanding solution (available at hardware stores) to get at the nooks and crannies. I have found it to be a very effective product.
You can use cans of spray paint or have a custom color mixed in latex or oil based paint. If you spray, then be patient and use several light coats to avoid drips, follow label directions.
I always use latex paint and a good quality paint brush. Oil based paint will give you a harder finish when dry but I like latex because of easy clean-up and low odor. Apply as many coats as needed, again thin coats are better than one heavy coat.
If you are painting a dark painted or stained wood a light color, I recommend using at least one coat of primer/sealer (Kilz works for me). This will save time and energy when putting on the top coats of custom color. Sometimes I will have the sealer/primer tinted to match the top coat to make it even easier, but it’s not always necessary-depends on the color of the item and color of new paint.
Once you have base coated the crib you can use any method you like to dress it up a little more. Use some of the “Wallies” wallpaper designs to create interest, use a decoupage kit to and motifs cut from storybooks or magazines to coordinate with the nursery theme. Stamps, stickers, painted stripes, polka dots, or a design pulled from the nursery fabric will jazz it up.
You can do a search online for “children’s painted furniture” to get some inspiration.
Once you have finished your masterpiece, then let it ‘cure’ (dry) for several days before moving it. The longer it sits undisturbed the least likely you are to mar the surface after all your hard work. It may be overkill, but I usually let a piece sit for 7 to 10 days if the humidity is low and temp is an average of 70-80 degrees. If the humidity is really high or the temp is a little chilly in the studio I let it sit as long as three weeks. May not be necessary, but we have never marred a piece when moving it.
Have fun and let your imagination run wild! There are a million things you can do to brighten it up. One hint; choose the fabric (or ready-made curtains/bedding) to be used in the nursery first. Paint comes in any color you can imagine, it’s much more difficult to find fabric to match a piece you’ve already painted.

William asks…

Do you guys sleep with baby in bed with you?

OKay so my baby usually gets put down to bed for the night at midnight or so and she wakes up at like 230 usually i change her and feed her and she falls asleep eating- when i put her back in her bassinet she will not go back to sleep, so one night i brought her in bed with me and put her in the crook of my arm- its not solid deep sleep for me but its still sleep… everytime i wake up she is in the exact same spot never have i woken up and her nose was covered or anythng… I know it may be the lazy way out but im so tired at night…. My mom said when she gets a lil older i shouldnt do it anymore because she will be moving around more… I dont want her t get in the habit of sleeping with me.. i kno wi should stop and i am going to work on it… And when should i start putting he rin her crib to sleep all night i was going to start doing that around 3 or 4 months…

Admin answers:

I have to admit….
When my daughter gets up for her 4am feeding she is hard to get back to sleep in her own bed too. If I sit in the lazy boy chair with her on my chest she will get real warm and fall asleep quick. I know I shpuldn’t do it, but…well I have no excuse for myself either. She never moves or anything and I wake up like every half hour and look at her, I need to quit too, but 4am is so early and I can only sing twinkle twinkle soooo many times.

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Donald asks…

babies sleeping at night?

Before i start my question i am not judging people breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It is some research i read and wanted to see how true it is.

They say breastfed babies don’t sleep through as quick as bottle fed babies as bottle feeders are more likely to try and resettle a baby first where a breastfeeds are more likely to offer the breast first resulting in that being a habit or the only way the baby can resettle.I have found this not to be true both my children were/are bottle fed ad slept through both at 10 weeks.My sisters children one bottle and 2 breast fed all slept thought at 4-6 weeks.

How did it work for you do you find the research correct or not true.

As i say i am just curious.Please not breast v bottle nasty comments

thanks x
i thought it was more down to the mum teaching/encoraging the baby to sleep

Admin answers:

I have 4 children. The first slept through from 2 weeks old and was bottlefed. My second slept through from around 7 weeks old and was bottlefed. My third slept from about 6 weeks old and was breastfed and my last one is 7 weeks old, bottlefed and I am still chasing that elusive full night sleep. Hopefully soon.
I believe all babies are different, you can’t really put their sleeping habits down to the way they feed.
Hey, great question by the way.

David asks…

how can i get baby to sleep through the night?

i have a 10 week old baby and she is still waking every 3 hours for a feed i have tried reducing daytime naps,upping her milk to that of hungrier babies,sticking to a normal routine of bath and bed etc.the problem is not getting her to sleep its the constant waking up.
can i just point out that this isnt my first child

Admin answers:

As everyone else said a 3 month old baby wakes at night to feed. Babies don’t sleep through the night some times for a whole year. Also crying it out is a bad idea i highly recommend against it, as it increases stress hormone levels in babies and its not advised until at least 9 or 10 months of age anyways and even then many doctors and even psychologist recommend against it. This is something you should have expected as a parent. Likely your baby will slowly sleep more hours at a time and only wake up maybe once during the night and eventually sleep through the whole night. Although you should know even 2 and 3 year old once in a while wake up at night a few times and need to be comforted back to sleep. Some times when they are teething or sick they can be up several times in a night.

Mandy asks…

Anything I Can Do To Help My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

my daughter is only 10 weeks and if she is waking hungry I have NO problem feeding hr. And I realize she may be too young to be sleeping through the night. Though I know a few babies her age who are, but they are formula fed not bf. Anyway some times when she wakes, she eats very little. I just wondered if maybe she was waking out of habit. Should I let her get to the point of fussing a little before I get her out of her bassinet? I usually get her out almost as soon as she starts making little noises. Or would cluster feeding her in the afternoon & evening help?
Again, I don’t mind her waking every 3-4 hours. I just wondered if there was anything for me to do to help her sleep longer stretches. OR when she is ready will she just stop waking for one of the feedings? That probably won’t be until she starts cereal, right?

Admin answers:

Eat-play-sleep routine putting her to bed drowsy but awake.

Babies can sleep
8 weeks – 8 hours
3 months – 10 hours
6 months – 12 hours

Like all milestones, some babies are ahead and some are behind, but also like all milestones a baby must practice skills to achieve them. In this case it is falling asleep on their own. Everyone wakes in the night, but good sleepers fall right back to sleep so quickly they don’t remember ever waking.

My twins were sleeping 8 hours at 9 weeks because they were allowed to practice falling asleep on their own early. Same as any other milestone, they learn through practice. A baby not allowed to do tummy time for instance is going to have poor neck strength, and roll / crawl late. A baby worn / rocked to sleep all the time is going to have lousy sleep habits. They can’t learn a skill if they are not allowed to practice it.

Cereal really only helps the sleep of babies with acid reflux. It keeps them from puking as much. I’m not anti cereal, just seen enough posts etc. To know it only seems to help those moms whose babies had colic to begin with.

Not surprisingly, you can see in some of the other answers that babies not allowed to practice falling asleep generally have lousy sleep habits.

From the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (they recently completed a world class 225 participant 6 year study on infant sleep training – the only one like it ever done) “Without intervention, sleep problems are also more likely to persist into childhood, potentially leading to behavioural and cognitive problems including aggression, anxiety and attention and learning difficulties.”

Helen asks…

do breastfed babies sleep less at night than bottle fed babies?

My sister is b.feeding her newborn for the first time (her two older were bottle fed). She’s having a harder time putting her baby to sleep at night than her other kids. I b.fed my son and he slept through out to wake up every 2-3 hours for the first 6 weeks.

Admin answers:

The current research suggests that breastfed babies sleep more and better at night overall, but wake more often. Breastmilk is digested very easily and passes through the system in a couple of hours. Formula milk is made by cows and is full of rather stodgy additives and tends to hang around in the baby’s system for longer. In addition, many parents want their babies to ‘finish the bottle’ once they’ve gone to the trouble to make it up, so they can end up having more than they need. When they’re breastfed, they simply fall asleep and come off the breast when they’ve had enough.
Think about the difference between having a huge meal that leaves you feeling like you’ve overeaten and a bit indigestion-y – wanting to sit quietly or sleep and not move very much, and having a fruit smoothie that you know will leave you hungry again in a few hours, but you can then have another fruit smoothie when you get hungry.
As her baby gets bigger, his stomach will grow from the newborn size (about the size of a hazelnut) to be able to feed faster and take on more milk at one feed. Then he’ll start to sleep for longer and longer. At this point, she’ll discover that it’s much more convenient to breastfeed than to bottlefeed, because you don’t have to carry sterilised bottles and hunt for boiling water everywhere you go!

Ken asks…

at how many months does baby sleep through out the night

my baby is a month and 2 weeks old.. i want to start working but i dont know if its to soon for me to work because i still wake up at night to give baby her bottle and i still wake up alittle tired in the morning.. when is a good time for me to start working?
i noticed that when i give her about 4-5 ounces before she sleeps.. she will probably sleep about 4-5 hours through out the night..but that is sometimes..
i kinda do need to work.. because my husband isnt making that much

Admin answers:

A baby sleeps through the night when they are ready for it. Some babies are sleeping through the night after a month or two, and others don’t sleep through the night until well past their first birthday :)

Paul asks…

How can i get my baby sleeping through the night?

We are first-time parents and our daughter is now 12 weeks old and is still not sleeping through the night. She doesn’t seem to like the moses basket and wakes up immediately when you put her in there. We have been trying her in the cot and she still isn’t sleeping. She seems to have day and night mixed up, which i hear is normal. But how can we turn it around? Does it make a difference that she was 5 weeks premature? Do I just let her naturally get into a sleeping pattern or are there any tricks? Please help.

Admin answers:

To correc tthe mix up between day and night, we found that we stimulate the baby more during the day to prevent him from sleep so much. The less sleep he got during the day the more he sleeps at night. In due time he will just naturally sleep more at night. Also to make him sleep longer we would feed him just before he sleeps. Some people would dream feed their babies too. I have not done this, but apparently you can gently wake the baby up in the middle of the night and give him/her some milk and put them straight back to sleep again… That may work for you. And don’t forget to swaddle your little one tightly. They feel more secure and become less fussy.

Nancy asks…

19wks old baby won’t sleep thru the night?

Hello to all parents out there.

I’m a first time mom with a 19wk baby and he isn’t sleeping thru the night yet. He is still waking up 2-3 time for feeding. Takes about 40oz/day. 4-5oz each feeding. People tell me that I should not get up to feed him. That he should be sleeping thru the night at this age and he should be taking a full 8oz each feeding. I know he should be taking more than 5oz, but he isn’t. They tell me not to get up and feed him and let him cry himself out. I can’t do it. It breaks my heart to hear/see him cry.

Any suggestions/advices other than to let him cry and don’t feed him at night? Am I spoiling him?


Admin answers:

My baby is 4 months (17 weeks to be exact) and doesnt sleep through the night either, and I dont expect him to in the next two weeks either, this is totally normal!
Sometimes I’m lucky and he’ll go down at 8 and not get up until 5am (I get up for work at 6) and I consider that sleeping through the night.
Other nights he will wake up both at midnight and 2 am and then wake up at 5.
I try to give him his pacifier and it will sometimes get him back down at midnight but he’ll always wake up at 2 for a feeding then. Dont let him cry himself back asleep, if he doesnt go back down after rocking or with a pacifier, he is awake because he’s hungry.
You are not spoiling him, you are feeding your hungry baby

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