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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Carol asks…

I’m nearly always sexually aroused please help me?

I’ve just turned fifteen and as a child I can remember always knowing what felt good down there, from as young as five I remember rubbing myself with my hand against something sturdy and hard- and even in front of my parents!!! Because I didn’t know that if was terribly wrong to do that , and I used to go fast until I was even breathless, simply because it felt so good. Later on I found out that my sister even had a name for it ‘slutching’ so that makes me think she did it to, but I never stopped, I just Learnt to do it on my own.
Sometimes I’d even do it if I was in pain or feeling sick because it would ease the pain, for me it definitely worked for period pain, although that’s an embarrassing part of my history that makes me cringe even today, I still haven’t stopped, but now I’ve started with penetration… About six months ago I tried with one finger then two but if just felt uncomfortable and not pleasurable,

However now I use a brush handle nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day whilst watching of having watched porn and trying to imagine

Is this healthy? Sometimes when I find myself extremely turned on and wet I can do reckless things like start talking to a boy I’ve known forever in a different way and because I’m do turned on one thing leads to another ( over text of course)
I’m a Virgin but I’m addicted to masturbating for pleasure
Please give me any tips or advice you know of or feel free to share your own personal experience…
Thank you :

Admin answers:

Meg, it’s perfectly normal to feel horny and to enjoy masturbation.

But be cautious about dropping hints to guys. If you act horny, there will be plenty of volunteers who will offer to take your virginity. However, giving up your virginity is a big step. And females are instinctively programmed to want safety and protection. Females need protection when they are vulnerable during pregnancy.

Females usually also want to be loved, cherished, and respected… And they often use sex to try and get that feeling of love. That usually doesn’t work, and it often backfires badly. You happen to be focused on being horny, though.

When you find a BF, then he’ll be just as horny as you (if not more so).

Assuming that you can find some privacy with your BF, maybe “wet grinding” would be a wonderful alternative to intercourse. Lay your BF on his back in bed, and straddle him so your wet vagina lips line up along his erect shaft. Start undulating your hips on him (rubbing your vagina lips back & forth). He’ll LOVE IT… Both the feeling and the view!!!! And you’ll also think it feels fantastic. Wet grinding is exactly what my fiancé and I enjoy doing together to satisfy ourselves. It feels like our souls are fusing together.

If you’re tempted or you’re worried about wanting to give up your virginity too soon, then just be very careful. Don’t put yourself in a situation that would be too tempting for you and the guy (i.e., being alone with a guy where you can both get naked together).

FYI… I’m still a virgin at age 23, and I’m proudly saving myself for marriage.

Young females would be wise not to jump into sex too quickly. There is definitely potential for emotional trauma, heartache, and physical problems that can develop if sex is not used wisely. Why? Because sex is a direct line into your body, your heart, and your soul (i.e., sex should not be treated casually). It also gives you the power to create life (a Baby).

Did I ever feel horny and want to lose it? HELL YES!!! But I’ve also observed firsthand what happens to those who didn’t wait.

A few friends and numerous classmates I knew lost their virginity as teens. The outcomes were rarely positive.
- Some girls got pregnant, caught an STD, or had their hearts totally broken.
- Some girls claimed it was the best thing ever, but then they became sl*tty and started screwing anything that had a heartbeat.
- A few cried for days afterwards.
- A few seemed to have learned their lesson, and decided to wait until they got married.
- A few couples stayed together for the Baby, but their relationships were full of stress and drama (ever seen “Teen Mom” on MTV?).
- Some were grounded after their parents found out about the sex.
- Most ended up with a sl*tty reputation, because the guys always blabbed to everyone.
- I didn’t even want to know how many girls aborted & killed their Baby.
- None of the girls knew if a guy wanted to date her because he liked her, or if he was just a pig who expected easy access into her p*ssy.
- One older guy was arrested for statutory rape, and he spent some time in prison.

Keeping my virginity for marriage has been very enlightening. That one single policy has unmasked countless miserable jerks who at first seemed genuinely nice… Until they discovered that they weren’t getting any. That’s when the mask dropped and they showed their true intentions, their true character, their morals & standards, and their priorities.

That said… My long-term steady BF (and now fiancé) has genuinely earned my trust, and he’s a virgin just like me. We do enjoy spending time together doing “sexual things” (french kissing, cuddling together naked, wet grinding, and sexual petting). Note that I’m 23 and my fiancé is 24… We aren’t foolish teenagers. So, unless you’re engaged with a ring and a wedding date… I’d suggest that you not get naked with any guy… Because guys lie!!!

Sometimes teens might feel left out or stupid if they’re surrounded by non-virgins. Is it stupid to save your virginity until marriage?

Well, would it be considered “stupid” to…
- avoid being used?
- unmask liars, jerks, and players?
- not catch any STD’s?
- have good moral standards?
- not have pregnancy scares?
- avoid accidental pregnancy?
- demand honor, love, respect, and commitment before sharing the deepest and most intimate parts of your body with someone?

No, it’s not stupid. It’s excellent!!!

On a related note (on which I seem to be in the minority these days)… I just don’t think that a sexually mature female should attempt to look like a prepubescent little girl down there (meaning slightly trimmed is what I do with my pubic hair). That’s simply my opinion.

The trend towards the complete lack of pubic hair apparently started back in the 1990′s. Bill Clinton made oral sex “mainstream” when his activities with Monica Lewinsky gained worldwide press coverage. However, a female is not required to perform oral sex upon command (nor is she required to have it performed on her) just because a guy asks for it.

If a female wants to engage in oral sex, fine… That’s her choice. I don’t want to engage in oral sex. That’s my choice.

However, if a guy’s dick is infested with STD’s… Then she’ll get STD’s in her mouth. Good luck with that!!!

Here’s some generic dating advice:
- Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a BF will become your BFF. It ain’t gonna happen. Guys simply don’t want to sit around and talk endlessly about your feelings, their feelings, their history, their future with you, who did what to whom, or whatever. Sorry!
- Females trying to talk to a BF in endless detail about her issues and conflicts only serves to make a guy really annoyed. Why? Because young females rarely listen to or implement any advice given by their BF for a solution, and then the following day the BF is expected to listen to their GF’s next load of crap ALL OVER AGAIN… Crap that she won’t take any advice for anyway.

Below are a few links that you might find interesting.

Y!A dating advice:;_ylt=Ans045fvqUcoTXOubdDlNL7ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091031071318AAKyU8K&show=7#profile-info-vVYj8b74aa

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Y!A virginity advice:;_ylt=AixGyaDkXqgv9elIVsoNUiDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111214112526AAmBbpu

My “First Kiss” Story:

Do “Fairy Tale Romances” Really Exist?:;_ylt=Ahe2zkFRGFzj8mHwNnm.MQMjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20120526181014AAwBIK5

Bible Story Tract:

Stress Test Assignment:

Mary asks…

Circumcision for my baby boy?

I live in Charlotte, nc and have medicaid, but they won’t cover a circumcision, is there pedicricians that may do it for cheap or free?

Admin answers:

Your son should have the choice of whether or not to keep his foreskin, as it is his body and because it is not causing him problems. He should not have a cosmetic procedure forced upon him when he is too young to consent. Plus, infantile circumcision can cause permanent sexual complications. Such complications include, but are not limited to:

1. Tight painful erections for the rest of his life. Not all circumcisions remove the same amount of skin. Some infants are left with enough skin to accommodate erections later in life, while others are not.

2. Skin bridges. These are seen in botched circumcisions, in which a section of penile skin is fused to the glans (head of the penis). These often require surgery to remove.

3. Loss of the entire penis. This is a rare but very legitimate problem. A prime example of loss of the entire penis from a botched circumcision is the David Reimer case, which you should study in detail.

4. Death. Yes, infants can and do die from circumcisions. This is usually due to shock, bleeding, infection or, if it is used at all, the anesthetic itself. This is because even topical anesthetics are not approved for use on infants.

There are no health benefits to circumcision that even come close to warranting these risks. There are several myths regarding the supposed health benefits of circumcision, but the studies that suggest such benefits have significant statistical and sampling errors. A detailed analysis of such studies, particularly those that suggest circumcision as HIV/AIDS prevention, is in my sources. Contrary to what Minnow said, there is actual research in my sources. Also, the AAP’s statement was rejected by at least 13 pediatric organizations.

Circumcision does not decrease the risk of HIV/AIDS in any significant way. Western Europe, which does not circumcise its infants in the way the US does, has lower STD rates than the US. This is because circumcision is not a substitute for condom use or abstinence, nor is it a vaccine. Proper sex education later in life is the key to STD prevention, not genital mutilation.

Circumcision does not prevent urinary tract infections (UTI’s). In fact, the risk of contracting a UTI increases after circumcision because the urethra is then permanently exposed to the outside environment. Besides, women develop much more UTI’s than men and do not need to have their labia removed as a result. The proper method for treating a urinary tract infection is through the responsible use of antibiotics.

A tight foreskin is often used an excuse to circumcise infants, but the foreskin is fused to the glans at infancy and does not loosen until late puberty. Trying to retract his foreskin at his age would be like trying to rip your nails out of their beds. The foreskin is not to be retracted by anybody except its owner when he is ready. In fact, trying to forcibly retract the foreskin is very likely to cause legitimate medical problems, which can then be used an excuse to have the infant circumcised.

If an infant is circumcised, the foreskin has to be forcefully ripped from the glans. This and other aspects of circumcision will cause enormous pain for the infant. Yes, infants feel pain. The neurotransmitters that act to block pain in adults actually amplify pain in infants. You can see this for yourself by looking at footage of infantile circumcisions.

Even if an infant is left with enough skin to be able to sexually function without the problems listed earlier in this response, there is still permanent sexual damage as a direct result from the circumcision.

Circumcision damages sexual pleasure and function on multiple levels. The foreskin is not a vestigial piece of skin; it is erogenous tissue that is essential for said proper sexual pleasure and function. The foreskin has three major functions.

1. The glans is a mucous membrane (like the inside of your eyelids) and is not meant to be exposed to the outside environment for too long. Removing the foreskin in males is the equivalent (due to the homology of structures during fetal development) of removing the clitoral hood in females. If the glans’ protection is missing due to the lack of a foreskin, the glans dries and develops a layer of keratin (the same material that composes your fingernails, albeit much thinner) onto itself. This layer gets thicker with age, decreases sexual sensitivity and makes sexual intercourse more uncomfortable for his partner.

2. The foreskin reduces friction during sex, increasing pleasure for both partners. The foreskin acts as a sleeve of loose skin in which the glans can move during intercourse.

3. The foreskin itself is enriched with tens of thousands of specialized nerve endings and directly contributes to most all of a man’s sexual pleasure. If an infant male is circumcised, he will be permanently cheated out of a huge portion of what he will be able to feel during sexual activity.

Maria asks…

Are there any songs you’re actually sexually aroused by?

Admin answers:

Yes, Feelin Love by Paula Cole, it is the song they play in City of Angels while Meg is in the bathtub.

Love, love

You make me feel like a sticky pistil…
Leaning into a stamen
You make me feel like a mister sunshine…
You make me feel like splendor in the grass…
While we’re rollin’
Damn skippy baby
You make me feel like the Amazon’s runnin’ between…
My thighs


You make me feel love, love, love, love, love
love, love, love, love, love
You make me feel love, love, love, love, love
love, love, love, love

You make me feel like a candy apple
All red and horny
You make me feel like I wanna be a dumb blonde
In a centerfold, the girl next door
And I would open the door and…
I’d be all wet
With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt…
That I’m wearing
And you would open the door and tie…
Me up to the bed


Lover, I don’t know who I am
Am I Barry White? Am I Isis?
Lover, I’m laced with your unconscious
Oh baby babe babe baby
I will be your Desdemona ahhhhh…

Take your time…

You make me feel Ahaa
You make me feel WooWoo baby
You make me feel Ahaa mmm
You make me feel loved

Ruth asks…

Sex after baby?

I would like to know if I am being unreasonable. I had a baby 3 weeks ago. My husbands works, and I stay home to care for our 3 children. This is our first child together. Since he works and gets home late, I am the only person that gets up with the newborn and between that and caring for the other kids, keeping the house spotless and making my husband lunches etc for work and I sleep deprived as expected. I do NOT complain. But he tells me that I am not taking care of his “needs” sexually. He wants oral sex pretty much everynight, since we cannot have intercourse yet.. The whole 6 week thing… He has also been looking at pornography almost everynight on the internet instead of coming to bed. He says its because he “not getting any” from me. I think he is acting very selfish. Please tell me what you think.

Admin answers:

You pray sister. Prayer is very powerful. Read “Power of a Praying Wife” very good. I also have “Power of a praying parent & woman. By Stormie Omartian. Prayer gives me so much peace, joy & love in difficult situations. God is really so good. Prayer is my answer to you. Congrats on your new bundle of joy.
I pray the best.

God Bless!

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Steven asks…

how do i get my baby to sleep at night?

my baby girl is 4 week old and was 4 weeks early, she slept quite well in hospital but now wont sleep through the night, wen i put her in her moses basket she cries but thru the day she sleeps in it. dont know wot to do or if i should do anything at all. please help!!

Admin answers:

At 4 weeks your baby won’t be able to tell the difference between night and day. Are you putting the moses basket in a different place at night? Is the home colder at night? Is it much quieter? It could be that she feels more alone in a quiet dark house. Your baby needs to know that you are around.
It is normal to have a baby awake at night in the early stages – and it always feels much longer when it is in the middle of the night. My advice would just be to go with the flow. Feed her when she wants it and enjoy her company when she is awake. Forget about sleeping through the night for the time being. Try to nap when she does – day and night.

Mandy asks…

Helping baby sleep through the night?

My son is 5 1/2 months old and won’t sleep through the night. I am a full-time student and I let him go with his grandparents a lot so I can catch up on sleep. However, I think it is time to start establishing a bed-time routine to help him go to sleep, and maybe even start a modified cry it out strategy to stop feedings (he wakes up every 3 hours to eat like clockwork). He also will not fall asleep in his crib; if he sleeps in it, he has to fall asleep somewhere else first and we have to transition him.
My main question is, will letting him stay at the grandparents house during the first week or two, or even after i get the routine started and he is settled in it, greatly hinder this process and his ability to sleep when he is away from home? Is he old enough to recognize the bedtime routine as being bedtime at his age?

Admin answers:

Will letting him stay at the grandparents house during the first week or two, or even after i get the routine started and he is settled in it, greatly hinder this process and his ability to sleep when he is away from home?
- Yes, it will. Babies know when they are not at home. It’s amazing how smart they are at such a tender age. My daughter’s comfort level would change drastically every time we’d step in the house. My MIL even said, one time, that my daughter acts like a big girl at home.

Is he old enough to recognize the bedtime routine as being bedtime at his age?
- Very much so. Around 3mons, I established a bedtime & nightly routine for my daughter. Within a wk, she become very aware of what was going on. So much so that, she’d be playing around, but as soon as I put her in the bath, she’d start rubbing her eyes like she was exhausted. She began associating bath with sleep.

Helping baby sleep through the night?
- I used to HATE when my boyfriend did this through the middle of the night, but I see what greatness it did: During the middle of the night, our daughter would wake up & cry/whine for a bottle. Instead of making her bottle like I did, he’d lay her on her side with her pacifier & soothe her to sleep. It used to annoy me bc I felt he was being lazy, but after a few wks, I noticed that she was doing better through the night bc she no long needed a mid-night bottle.

John asks…

When should my baby start sleeping through the night?

my son is 4 months old and he still eats every 2 to 3 hours, even at night. My pediatrician said he should start sleeping longer at night but he’s not. Is there anything I can do to help him sleep better?

Admin answers:

Well, I wish I had an answer for you, but I do not. I can tell you that my first baby nursed thru the night at 4 months, goodness even until 8 maybe 9 months? (He is 3 now and sleeps very well at night.) My second baby who is currently 6 months started sleeping all thru the night without any nursing in the middle of the night around 4 months old, and still sleeps like a champ. Both children nap well, and eat great. So, this is one of those “ever kid is different” things again. Best advice is to just feed him when baby is hungry, and then put him back to sleep. Also, make sure he eats enough during the day. Have you started solids? Probably be a good idea to start some rice cereal now that he is 4 months old.

Laura asks…

when will my baby sleep all the night?

i have a 6 wk old and she she sleeps for 4 hr stretches, but not all the night. when will she sleep all night? i am so beat and need a full nights rest, not these cat naps ive been taking!

Admin answers:

It takes a while to train your baby to sleep through the night. I know *train* doesn’t sound right but that’s exactly what you’re doing. He/She will start becoming more active during the times your awake and playing with her and learn then when you’re sleeping theres no play time.

I might recommend formula as opposed to breast milk if you’re breast feeding. It keeps a baby full for longer so they don’t wake up as often wanting to eat. Also, when the doctor gives the OK for cereal I would suggest giving it to him/her right before they go to bed.

Just give it time :) I thought my daughter would never sleep through the night then before I knew it she was sleeping 12 horus at a time lol.

Carol asks…

How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?

My little boy is 6months old and is waking a lot during the night!when he was 3months old he started sleeping through the night sometimes ever 12hours but for the pat 2months he’s waking up every hour or 2,some nights he will sleep through but only rarel.his routine is bath at 7 bottle and bed by 8.iv tried everything less sleep in the day,more sleep in the day,later bed time,more milk and food but nothing seems to work,anyone got any suggestions?

Admin answers:

Sounds like he is going through a phase. I know it is tough on you. Do you have a white noise device of some kind in his room? I use a small filter fan that makes a sound plus filters the air in the room. Works like a charm. Granted I don’t allow it to blow near the baby-child but just close enough to drown out any sounds that could be a problem. Babies hear stuff we can’t. He also could just be missing you. If the white noise doesn’t work, maybe just move his bed into the same room you sleep in. My daughter never slept but a couple hours every night till she was 6 or 7. Then she would sleep through the night every couple days. She would just wake, need the bathroom, or just to have me near, then go back to sleep. Problem is I don’t go back to sleep easy.

Also a bath before bed can stimulate some kids. I have heard of this but personally didn’t experience my child and grand kids to be disturbed with a nice bath before bed. In fact, there is some very nice lavender bath wash that is to induce sleep. If your baby keeps having trouble with sleeping when he did sleep well before and you tried everything, maybe it is time to call the pediatrician. Good luck and happy sleeping.

Donna asks…

When do babies start sleeping more through the night??

I have a 2 week old little girl, and to be so young I think she does pretty well, she gets up about every 3 hours to eat. Just wondering when babies start sleeping longer and more through the night?? Also, she eats about 3 to 3 1/2 ounces every 2 1/2 to 3 hours…is this the normal??

New mom, so any help is really appreciated…thanks

Admin answers:

My daughter slept through the night at 6 weeks and my son slept through the night at 8 weeks. But every baby is different and they will slept through the night when they are ready. As for her eating I am not sure about how many ounces is normal because I breastfed but during the night in the beginning they would eat 2 1/2 to 3 hours and then it just went longer and longer.

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Laura asks…

Too early for baby food?

My daughter is just over 3 months old & she’s eating 7 or 8 oz with almost 2 teaspoons of cereal. The doctor said that was fine, but after every bottle, when I take the bottle away she cries as if she’s still hungry. The pacifier doesn’t work. Plus I have to make her a bottle before bed or she won’t sleep. Could I start giving her watered down juice? And my family and my mother in law who works for a pediatrician, tell me I could probably start her on jar baby food??

Admin answers:

A hungry three month old needs more breast milk or formula, not solids or fruit juice. They only get in the way of the REAL nutrition she should be getting.

If your baby is hungry when she finishes a bottle, give another small bottle. Or if that results in truly huge milk feeds, just feed more often so she won’t be so starved by the time she has her next bottle.

And I am genuinely puzzled what the problem about giving her a bottle before bed is supposed to be. A baby needing a last bottle before bed is NORMAL. Especially at 3 months.

By the way, it’s quite possible it’s not hunger that’s making her cry, but the cereal that her digestive system isn’t ready for at this age simply upsetting her stomach. I’m guessing the doctor is pretty old, because s/he seems to be living in the 50s when people didn’t know any better.

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Posted by Admin - July 15, 2014 at 7:05 pm

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Richard asks…

Any tips on getting an overtired baby to sleep?

My bubs is a bit overtired now…to say at the least. I’ve always had trouble getting him to sleep while he’s overtired. Anyone got any tips?

Admin answers:

Benadryl 1.5-2tsp

i give it to my baby and 2 year old on plane rides all the time.

Mark asks…

What are some great tips on getting my baby to sleep through the night?

my little girl is 2 months old and im lookin for a little advice on getting her to sleep through the night

Admin answers:

My daugher didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was 3 months old. Try feeding her a nice big bottle before bedtime. That has been working for us. Then if she wakes up in the middle of the night, bring her into bed with you, our daughter would wake up around 4am and we would bring her into bed with us and she’d alwasys falls back asleep till about 7am then we wake up with her.

A baby thats 2 months old should be getting feedings every 3 hours, even during the night.

Sandra asks…

how do I get my 6mth baby to sleep through the night?

I have a 6 month old baby boy who doesnt seem to want to sleep longer than 2 hours in the night. I feed him around 8-8.30pm and put him in his cot and he can put himself to sleep okay, but then wakes up every two hours after that for a feed. I’ve tried just comforting him and leaving him for awhile but he wakes up completely and wont stop crying till i pick him up and feed him and he falls back to sleep. Any ideas or tips as to how to get him out of the habit of feeding so often in the night?

Admin answers:

Sounds like he just needs a new routine. Why don’t you try the baby sleep solution? It’s a great audio program that worked for my little girl, I didn’t have to read loads of books either. It’s downloadable so you could be getting a better night’s sleep straight away! It has some great testimonials on the site too from all over the world, check it out!

Sandy asks…

Any tips for getting baby to sleep in middle of the night!?

Depending on when we go to bed 9-11pm she’ll sleep until 2-5am. At that time I feed and burp her for 40 minutes total probably and then I’m up for AT LEAST another hour trying to get her to sleep. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to try to get her to sleep faster?

Also, does my lack of drinking water have anything to do with her being fussy?


Admin answers:

Make sure that when she wakes up you are not putting her under any light. The most light that should be on when she wakes up is a night light. This could take some time getting used to, however, light is VERY stimulating for a baby. Also, if it’s possible, try not to change her when she wakes up. Only change her if she’s dirty or REALLY wet. I made the mistake of changing my son every single time he woke up and it was completely unnecessary. I also was always turning the lights on, but learned quickly. Try not to talk to her much either. She will eventually learn that darkness+little to no talking= sleeping time.

Good Luck.

Maria asks…

Anyone got any tips for getting a 7 month old baby to sleep through?

My 7 month old wakes every 1-2 hours through the night. She feeds for a minute or two (breastfeeds) then goes straight back down, but if I dont feed her she screams until I do and then is so awake it takes ages to get her back down. She is fully on solids, three meals a day. She used to take a pacifier/dummy sometimes, then sometimes feed, but now she refuses the dummy. She wont be rocked back to sleep. I do not feed her to sleep at bedtime, she goes down, in her cot, with her soother. Any ideas?? Thanks!
Thanks so much for all the advice. Just to add, she won’t take a bottle of formula at night :-( . She has been on solids since 4 months as advised by the Health Visitor to try to get her to sleep better. I feed her just before I put her down (breastmilk). She sleeps in a hammock for the first 2 hours (altho usually wakes up once), then I bring her into bed when I go to bed for a ‘dreamfeed’ and she sleeps in my bed. Unfortunately there is no-one else who can comfort her in the night for me :( . I will defo try the late ‘supper’ meal though x

Admin answers:

I always had a routine with mine, give them their tea, bath them, give them a bottle and put them to bed awake and let them go to sleep by themselves.
I think the issue you have is that your baby sees you as food. Is there no one else that can go to her in the night, settle her, and then walk away? You might all have a couple of sleepless nights until she realises that Mummy and her milk are not coming to feed her, but she will soon get the idea.
Try feeding her before you put her to bed and see if that and the above tip makes a difference.

Good Luck

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How To Make Baby Sleep Well

Robert asks…

newborn sleep problem?

We have a 3 weeks old son. He has difficulty falling down in deep sleep. My wife has to keep him nursing until he sleeps, and sometimes it takes hours. She will be exhausted. Baby seems to wind very often but still he has gas pain. We don’t want to use pacifiers. What shall we do?

Admin answers:

It’s hard, but this phase WILL pass. Nursing for long periods is what a newborn needs.. He’s had nine months to grow in the womb, with all his needs met automatically, and it often takes several weeks to adjust to living in this light, noisy world.

I suggest you google for ‘attachment parenting’ or even ‘kangaroo care’.. If your wife (or you) carry your baby around in a specially designed sling, then you can get on with what you’re doing and he will be held close, and soothed. Not all babies sleep all the time; some have quite long wakeful periods, and carrying him around can help his wind as well as enabling you to get on with other things.

Your wife should still be resting most of the time at this stage, and lying in something like a rocking chair nursing should not be too exhausting if she can relax, and maybe even read a book if your son’s eyes are closed.

This is a very precious period for you all, which will vanish all too quickly – so don’t try to hurry it. Just let your son learn about the world in his own time, and in the meantime give him all the security and comfort he needs.

Carol asks…

Where should a newborn baby sleep?

I wanted to get your opinion on where the baby should sleep, and why.

I feel like the baby should sleep in his/her room, with a baby monitor, so he/she grows accustom to it. Sure, it probably is a pain to get up and walk down the hall a few times a night. But doesn’t it promote better sleeping habits?

My boyfriend thinks he/she should sleep in the room with us, in a bassinet, so he/she is close to us for safety and convenience. Won’t the baby eventually expect to sleep in the room with us?

Admin answers:

In your room.. In a bassinet or a co-sleeper. My son hated his bassinet so we got him the Snuggle Nest adult bed co-sleeper that is placed right inside your bed.. He loved it and slept there until he was 3 months. He had no problem transitioning into his crib either. He likes his crib. I am not into the Pack N Play choice for a place to sleep at night.. It is meant to be packing for playing or for a quick nap, not to be used as a bed. It’s uncomfortable in my opinion. Best Wishes. ;-)

John asks…

Newborn Baby Checklist?

Everything you must have for your newborn baby ? – Checklist –


Admin answers:

List of Newborn essentials
Car seat and stroller
Diapers (we use Pampers Baby Dry and they work very good, no leakage) 1 box Newborn size, 2 boxes size 1, two boxes size 2, and 3 boxes size 3 (you don’t want to overstock on diapers, because you never know how big the baby will be and how fast it will grow. Don’t open boxes that you are not using, in case the baby grows out of a size, you can exchange unopened box for different size or brand , Walmart will let you do that for sure)
Wipes- I like the store brand ones like Babies R Us, Target, or Walmart
Onsies (otherwise known as bodysuits)- Newborn size pack of about 6 (for newborn I would recommend buying onsies long sleeved that cover the hands, so the baby doesn’t scratch itself.)
Size 0-3 months about 6 onsies
Size 3-6 about 6-9 onsies
Pants (Walmart sells great pants, I think Gerber, that are cotton and skinny at the bottom, which is great, especially for a newborn baby, you can put socks over pants and layer with another set of clothes on top if it is cold, or for summer nights, these pants don’t expose baby’s legs as much as regular pants do, which you don’t want when it is cold)
Sweaters (couple heavier ones and couple light ones, preferable without a hood, hoods just don’t seem comfortable for baby to lay on)
Pack of socks
Pack of hats
Couple going out outfits, but don’t buy anything less than 0-3 months (Babies really do grow fast)
Receiving Blankets (get as much as you can) I use them as towels after giving baby a bath, swaddling, diaper changing cover, etc.
Bassinet (or just a crib) or playpen (some come with little bassinet for baby to sleep in and changing table, and also can be used instead of a crib when baby gets older)
Crib/Bassinet sheets
Bathtub- we use Fisher-Price Precious Whale and we like it so far, its lightweight, cheap, and has plenty of room for bigger baby (and can be used from newborn size)
Baby Shampoo and Body wash
Grooming Kit
Wash cloths
I would actually make a medicine kit-get fever reducing meds, gripe water (naturally calming) etc
Breastfeeding pillow
Nipple cream
Electric Breast Pump (with all the essentials like storage bags)
Formula (just in case, get one can, we use Babies R Us Advantage, its comparable to Similac Advance but almost 50% cheaper and just as good….we tried both)
Drying rack
Microwave sterilizer
Bottle warmer (very very useful if bottle feeding)
Formula Dispenser
Pacifiers (My son loves Avent, plus it comes with a cap so the pacifier stays clean)
Diaper Genie (I heard it was useless, well when my son’s poo started smelling, it wasn’t useless anymore!)
Thermometer if it doesn’t come with the grooming kit, which it should
Diaper Bag (although a big purse with lots of pockets and compartments will do)
Toys (babies love toys that make noise, like rattles)
For later: High Chair, walker( or jumperoo or exercauser)
I think that covers most of it. You can buy things of craigslist as well, you will find a lot of good products for much cheaper)

Chris asks…

sleeping in bed with a newborn?

Hi, I was wondering do you think I could sleep with my newborn baby in bed with me so I can breast feed her because she crys all the time.
She is 4 days old.

Admin answers:

“A newborn sleeping in their parents bed increases the risk of SIDS as well.” This is not true and there is no proof of this anywhere. I challenge anyone to find any conclusive evidence of this as there is none.

Almost all cases of injury or death related to closleeping involve parents that are heavy sleepers or have taken something that makes them unresponsive to their baby. Furthermore, those deaths are automatically labelled as SIDs when more accurately they were suffucation related which is not the same thing.

Dr. Sears theorizes that co-sleeping drastically reduces the risk of SIDs.

Cosleeping is safe if you know that you are not a heavy sleeper and have not been drinking/doing drugs/taken anything that will make you sleep soundly.

Please do not let people who believe everything the media says influence your decision on whether or not to cosleep.

If you do it safely then there is nothing wrong with it. Make sure the baby has a railing that is flush with the bed if you’re putting her on the outside of the bed.

Also, PLEASE do not let people tell you that “you’ll never get her out of your bed” or similar nonsense. When a child gets older, she WILL refuse to sleep with you because she will WANT to be independent. Sleeping with mommy will just be embarrassing. This milestone varies from child to child but from what I’ve seen, most children move into their own bed without a fight around the age 3-4. This is based on my experience and people I’ve spoken to- obviously some kids might take longer and some might reach it earlier. It is believed that allowing the child to reach this milestone on their own helps develop better self esteem, confidence, and independence. Being forceful when trying to get them to sleep in their own bed often leads to insecurities, low self esteem, lack of confidence and a clingy child.

Now, I pushed and pushed and pushed my oldest son to get out of my bed. I was met with tears night after night. I got pregnant with #2 when #1 was 4 years old and I stopped pushing because I didn’t want him to associate the new baby with the ended family bed. Within about 2 weeks after I stopped pushing, he moved to his bed on his own.

My second son was never pushed and around 2 years old started putting himself to sleep in his own bed or on the couch on some nights. He is 3.5 and most nights goes to sleep somewhere other than my bed.

My third son is 3.5 months old and sleeps in my bed and will not be rushed out of my bed. He has his own bassinet which he naps in and will sleep in some nights- though this is recent as he’s started sleeping longer stretches at night.

My point is, a lot of people find that the more they push the child out of their bed, the worse things are. If you leave them alone and let them get the comfort they need, they’ll feel more secure and reach those milestones on their own without a fight.

Linda asks…

Newborn Sleep Problems?

My wife and I have 1 week old newborn twins. Our son doesn’t sleep for more than 10 minutes at night unless he’s held. During the day, this doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem. We’ve heard all the horror stories about babies being suffocated by their parents in bed, so we are very cautious about sleeping with him. We’ve tried everything to get him to sleep: vibration, bouncy seats, music, swaddling, etc. We’ve come to the conclusion that for us to get any sleep at night, he’s going to have to sleep with us for a while. So, how can we do that safely?

Admin answers:

The SAFEST way (that gave us the most peace of mind) was getting the AR pillow. We actually had to get it because my son had horrible acid reflux- but if you go to the website, you can see a pic of them. They have one’s made for preemies- which are smaller and couldgo on your bed. They left baby up= and you can put them in different positions. My son actually just slept with me last night on his.

I’ve seen all of the other co-sleepers out there and I didn’t feel as though those were as safe as this AR pillow. Baby is strapped to this- and raised.

Just because your son doesn’t have reflux doesn’t mean he can’t use it. My son is 10 months and still loves sleeping on it. (we have the regular size one- as I don’t think they had the preemie one out when he was born- or at least I didn’t see it.

If he doesn’t like that, then you might just have to hold him at first and gently transfer hiim? I know what it’s like to sleep with a new baby- you pretty much doin’t get any sleep!!

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